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Click to Read the Booklet.
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digDIG is a program for new and expectant dads that focuses on fathering, healthy living, and quitting smoking.

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Co-recipient of Researcher of the Year Dr. Joan Bottorff speaks about her research on UBCO TV.

Dr. Joan Bottorff is featured in this video discussing a new collaboration with Dr. Tingzhong Yang and others researchers in China to develop men-friendly approaches to quitting smoking.

lil-dig The Strength to Quit

In this video, Tobin talks about the strength it took for him to quit smoking. Find out where he pulled that strength from and what advice he has for other new dads like him, who want to be good role models for their kids. Click here to see all DIG videos.

Discussion with Dr. Joan Bottorff about, Dads in Gear, a new program for dads who are interested in quitting smoking.

Game On! Healthy Lifestyles for Men

This video was filmed during a Men’s Health Forum at UBC’s Okanagan campus that featured presentations and guest speakers from Australia, Ireland and Canada.Click here for the FACET YouTube Channel.